• Software Reliability Exceeds Market Standards
  • Quick and Easy Deployment for Cybercafes
  • User Friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Customizable to Tailor for Various Management
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TIME CODE is supported Friendster iCafé Cybercafé Management System. Download it and upgrade to new Billing Server ver and Billing Client ver today.

Friendster iCafé is a powerful cyber cafe management software package that helps you to: control your PCs, manage customers, accounting and billing.

What it can do for you

Friendster iCafé protects and controls the system, time usage of your computers and the game consoles. You can easily manage customer accounts, setup security, charge POS, get latest statistics, logs and more. This will contribute to your revenue growth and improve your business.

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Management takes easy

Friendster iCafé Game Server is a Windows based storage target software that shares data such as game clients using server disk and partition method. With Friendster iCafé Game Server, you will no longer need to install the same game client repeatedly through all computers in your cybercafés.